donderdag 5 mei 2011

Let's celebrate Freedom!

Today is a day of celebration in the Netherlands. We are remembering on May 4 the fallen people in World War II. On May 5th we celebrate our freedom. Everywhere liberation festivals and this always attracts many people. I am going in to one as well. It is an important day to remember what happened but also to celebrate that we are liberated and we still have had no new war here in Europe. I can not imagine how people have had to live under those conditions.Having a curfew, get vouchers for food, no food and eating flower bulbs in order not to starve.The choice for the resistance to go into choosing the NSB or being just neutral. I would not know what I would do. I'm glad we still think of all the people who fought for our country, for our freedom. Something we certainly should not forget.

I'm wearing;
shorts - H&M concious collection
tank top - Only
Jeans shirt- only
Shoes - Local store

Free at last! Free at last! Thank god almighty we are free at last!
~ I have a dream, Martin Luther King Jr.

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